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Managed Accounts

Advice can look very different between advisors. It is important to understand the underlying details of how the account is managed. What types of investments are used? How often are trades placed? What criteria are used for fund selection and allocation?  

Low Cost ETF's vs Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are often less expensive and more tax efficient that Mutual Funds. In addition, ETF's can trade during market hours unlike Mutual Funds which trade at market close.

Active Management

Active Management means that a portfolio has the ability to "move with the markets" and may not always be similar in allocation. 

Charles Schwab Custodian

Charles Schwab is one of the most well known and trusted custodians, with a comprehensive list of services to meet client needs.

Fixed Income Options

We have the flexibility to use bond ETF's / Individual Bonds / CD's / US Treasuries / Money Markets.

No Asset Class Minimum/Maximum

Some firms place restrictions on the minimum and maximum amount you may have in certain categories. This can adversely affect your performance. 

Household Discounts

Individual's in the same household may combine for discounted AUM rates.

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